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Hiking in the Smoky Mountains with my sons

Who’s behind this site, anyway?

My name is Mark, and I am an elementary teacher in Michigan. I am (or was) the co-founder of a number of educational websites for kids, including:

Rocket Spelling (, which turns spelling into a game, helping students to learn how to spell 1,200 high-frequency words in a fun, engaging way

The Math Facts (, which replaces paper/pencil timed tests, allowing students to practice their basic math facts online while receiving instant feedback on their progress

My daughter’s first day of kindergarten!

The Online Math League (, a fun math contest website that allows elementary and middle-school students to challenge themselves while participating in math competitions three times a year with other students from around the world

I’ve always loved math, logic, and data. The primary goal of this blog is to help others to proactively take control of their health, their finances, and their life through the power of mathematical thinking.

Having the right mindset is crucial, but I’m not one to stop with just theory. As a result, this site has posts that are meant to shift your thinking, but also posts that present you with straightforward ways to make money immediately, based on the best things I’ve discovered in my effort to create side income streams over the past 16 years.

If you’d like to contact me directly with questions about an existing post, ideas for future posts, or to otherwise continue the conversations found here, please feel free to drop me a line at

Here’s to living The Data-Driven Life!