Data-Driven Sites of the Month: February 2019

As is our custom, here are this month’s recommended websites to help you pick up some extra side income, free stuff, and more. Enjoy!

Scribd: offers a vast collection of books, audiobooks, magazines, and more for one monthly fee. Join and get 30 days free. Before your subscription renews, start the cancellation process, and you’ll be offered another 30 days for free. That’s two months of tons of free reading material — especially a large collection of audiobooks — for you to enjoy! Just make a note to yourself to cancel before your free trial expires.

Edit: I just received a third month free now as well.

Slot tournaments: If you’ve enjoyed my posts about winning money through the lottery and skill gaming, here’s another +EV angle in that same gaming genre: online slot tournaments.

Sites like and Ignition Casino run similar tournaments every half hour most afternoons and weekends. The tournaments are 10 minutes long, and to win, you’ll need to set up multiple tabs/windows where you play as fast as possible to earn points per win and per spin.

You might need to play 300 20-cent spins in 10 minutes to win a $15 or $20 tournament prize. Thankfully, on average, playing $60 worth of spins won’t lose you $15+, so you’ll find this to be a +EV opportunity over time.

(Caution: if you’re someone who might actually get hooked into these games, disregard this idea. As Jordan Ellenberg wrote in How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical Thinking: “If gambling is exciting, you’re doing it wrong.”)

250+ more ways to make side income: If you like my lists of +EV ideas, you’ll love this list of 250+ additional ideas from Side Hustle Nation.

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