Top 8 Must-Reads for the Data-Driven Life

Looking for additional reading to help you live a Data-Driven life? I highly recommend the following:

1. Factfulness (by Hans Rosling): The world is better than you think. Despite the constant bombardment of negativity in the media, things are demonstrably, measurably, and significantly improving across a wide array of measurements. This book is designed to familiarize you with those optimistic statistics while also training you to think in a more data-driven way. The TED talk below is from this same author.

2. Thinking, Fast and Slow (by Daniel Kahneman): Why do we think the way we do? This book is designed to give you insight into what drives your thinking, helping you to correct course when necessary.

3. Unscripted (by MJ Demarco): This book focuses on the invisible “scripts” we tend to believe and follow in our lives, with a particular emphasis on financially self-limiting beliefs we would do well to cast aside.

4. The Miracle Morning (by Hal Elrod): The best way to live an intentional life is to start each morning off right. Instead of waking up and immediately finding yourself overwhelmed, The Miracle Morning will show you how to start your day — and spend your time throughout the day — with intention and purpose.

5. When: The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing (by Daniel Pink): There’s a perfect time for everything, and Daniel Pink lays out the science behind how to optimally schedule your time. If you’re in charge of others, this book will also teach you how to manage the time of those you serve, in order to create a more successful work, school, or home environment.

6. The Power of Moments (by Chip and Dan Heath): It feels like the most powerful moments in life only happen spontaneously or by chance. In this powerful book, however, Chip and Dan Heath break down the key hallmarks of memorable moments, with a particular focus on helping the reader learn to intentionally create powerful moments for themselves and those around them. A wonderful read for business leaders, teachers, and parents alike.

7. Make It Stick (Peter Brown): Much of what we think we know about learning is simply untrue, and therefore many of the techniques we use to learn simply don’t work. Make It Stick uses a variety of stories to illustrate various ways we can help ourselves to learn more effectively. Not just for students, this book is excellent for all of us who strive to be lifelong learners.

8. Algorithms to Live By (Brian Christian): Borrowing from the wisdom of computer science, Algorithms to Live By applies programming solutions to real life. When you want to know whether to try a new restaurant or visit an old favorite, or you can’t decide where to park, this book will show you the optimal path to take.

In the comments, let me know: what other Data-Driven books would you recommend?