Winning Free Money through Skill Gaming

Over the past 16 years, I’ve profited more than a quarter of a million dollars (!) through skill gaming. While I can’t promise you those results, I can definitely hand you hundreds of dollars per year on a platter, even if you are absolutely terrible at gaming. If you find that you’ve got some skill, your profits can increase from there.

Again, this is a situation where “common knowledge” is wrong — “Online gaming is rigged! Everyone cheats and there’s no way you can win!” It’s also a spot where we can look for +EV opportunities and exploit them to their fullest. Here’s how.

GameDuell: Our skill gaming journey begins at because they generously allow you to play a free game every single day against “the joker” where you can win 50 GameDuell dollars (G$) for beating a set score. (50 G$ are worth about 60 cents in USD.) The games on this site, too, are simple ones that you may already know how to play, including things like Solitaire, a knock-off of Tetris, and a version of Yahtzee.

As part of my Miracle Morning routine, I love to begin each day by earning some amount of side income. (On a side note, if you’ve never read The Miracle Morning, I highly recommend it!) Winning my free GameDuell game is a fun way to make that happen.

To be able to play for and win real money on GameDuell, you’ll have to make an initial deposit. Deposit $10 onto the site, and then you’ll never need to deposit again, because all future GameDuell dollars to play games will come from your free daily wins. Once you’ve won some daily games against the joker, find one game to excel at. You’ll have to play through your free game winnings once before they can be withdrawn.

Even if you aren’t very good at any of the games, your rank will drop until you get matched with other less-skilled players, meaning that you’ll still win a decent percentage of the time. If you are able to beat the joker even half of the time, that will be a free 182 x $0.60 = $109.20 per year that you can use to play games on this site. Again, if you have a spouse or significant other willing to join as well, this amount could be doubled. The next stop on our skill gaming journey is To begin winning on this site, you’ll want to make the maximum initial deposit of $30, because they give you a free $15 bonus when doing so. Turning your bonus money into real money on this site is actually an interesting trick.

When you try to withdraw, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

Notice that your bonus money becomes “Non-withdrawable funds” that cannot be withdrawn. But there’s one catch: when you make a deposit, your non-withdrawable funds can never be more than your current account balance. In other words, if you lost all of the money in your account balance, and then you deposited another $10 (with no new bonus), your non-withdrawable funds would go to zero.

We can exploit that phenomenon. On RoyalGames, you can play tournaments against other people, or you can challenge individuals directly. What we need to do is spend all of our money challenging other players, taking our account balance down to zero (or as close to zero as possible). To do that, we must first earn 500 jewels (which can be done through free games). We want to challenge people who will NOT accept our challenges so that our entry fee eventually gets refunded to us. Look through usernames to find someone who hasn’t been on the site in years (or better yet, challenge a friend you know on the site if possible). Spend all of your money challenging them in games. Then deposit an additional $10.

Bang. Your non-withdrawable funds now drop to $0. After 72 hours, your entry fees will be returned to you as real money. And you’ve now changed bonus money into withdrawable cash.

RoyalGames offers 30%-50% deposit bonuses once or twice a month, so you’ll be able to generate a solid $12-$36 per month from this trick without actually having any gaming skills whatsoever. Again, if you have a significant other, you can double this, and $500+ per year in free bonuses become very doable.

Even better: get good at some of these games, and you can win significant money, especially in the lower ranks! YouTube videos will show you how to play games well enough to win at lower rankings. Playing some real games will also get you your 500 jewels (which you need to be able to challenge others). If you play enough, you can also earn the right to play a free game each day, which can also be quite valuable.

Typically when you start winning in a game, your rank will go up. Eventually you will move into a new ranking bracket and be forced to play against harder opponents, until eventually you are no longer profitable in that game. Your ultimate goal is to always play against people that are lower ranked than you. Tournaments allow players in a certain range of ranks (e.g. 2000-3999) to play. Once your rank starts to approach the top of that range (and you can tell by examining all of the rankings of your opponents to see what the highest one is), you’ll want to avoid letting your rank go over that number. Occasionally you will find a tournament where you can profit and still have your rank go down. That, of course, is like owning a money machine. You can and should exploit that type of scenario to the fullest extent possible.

From those two sites alone, you can easily make $600+ per year, even without any special gaming skill, and much more if you get good at some games and find long-term profitable plays. If you like looking for +EV situations on sites like these, other sites that you could consider trying include Worldwinner, Game Colony, and other sites from the list found here.

This post is already quite lengthy, and we haven’t even begun to address the +EV opportunities that exist in other types of gaming sites, such as poker, fantasy sports, and video gaming. We’ll get to those in a future post, but for now, if you know of similar +EV plays on other gaming sites, let us know about it in the comments!